Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vegas, baby!

I finally made it into the strip last night after a welcome two hour Street Fighting marathon (more on that later, good games Folken) and have found myself paralyzed by how many choices I have been given. As soon as I stepped foot on the strip I was approached by the robot who dug me out of a shallow grave several weeks before and told to see Mr. House.

If only. No this Mr. House is a computer that is running the strip via his custom created robot goons. He wanted the platinum chip back that I was carrying when I was shot, blah blah do the right thing blah blah vague threats, and then let me go. Standard mafia stuff, really. I cared nothing about any of this and just wanted to kill the guy who put two bullets in my head. I found him in another casino, convinced him to take me up to his suite to talk and then beat him to death in a corner while the shots from his puny hand gun bounced off my stolen armor. Since I had never put any points into hand to hand combat this took a long, long time.

The guy did indeed have the platinum chip on him, but before taking it back to Mr. House I decided to check out his private room in the 13th floor. There was another robot there, Yes Man by name, who went on for fifteen minutes about elaborate plans to take over the strip, kill Mr. House, and either unite or destroy the other factions in New Vegas. Needless to say I wanted a piece of that action. As soon as I hit yes something around five new quests popped up; I need to meet with the head of each family, decide who stays and who goes, figure out how to turn the robot army over to my side with the platinum chip, deal with an invitation from the Legion to have a sit down with their leader even though I have killed every single member I have ever come across, and pull it all off without getting killed.

Not bad for a courier who was mostly dead at the beginning of the game.

The looming release of Super Street Fighter IV AE has me scrambling for other characters. The nerf bat has not been kind to Blanka, and while I know full well that I will end up paying him again it will be good to have options. Dee Jay remains a project, and if I can start linking jabs instead of chaining them I might have a few combos to work with, but last night I decided to play someone entirely new: Rose. I have seriously been missing out; she fits my defensive with fits of reckless offense style, has combos that are safe when spaced correctly and relatively easy to do (for a command character), her ultra 2 is completely over powered (right now...) and she has kick ass hats. She takes hits like a girl, which I suppose makes sense, and I need to learn which normals are good and which are not, but she is a command character that isn't a shoto and has the decency to not wear a leotard into combat.

I'm not so sure about the high heels, but at least they painful when connecting with someone's shins.

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