Saturday, January 29, 2011

We've been here before, you and I

Every time I play Street Fighter I quit and swear that I will never play again.

There is another game going on in my head, a game in which I am the observer and harshly critiquing each and every round. A running personal commentary, if you will, and it is never friendly. 'Look at that,' he says, 'he had super, actually landed the one frame link from the double to standing jab, got the ball, and didn't cancel into it. Why is he even here?' It gets worse when I moonlight with other characters. 'What a surprise, another missed FADC cancel into ultra, it's a wonder that he can even throw a fireball with any consistency. Oh, now he's playing Guile? Tier whore. And Dee Jay? I guess he has given up.'

This kind of instant personal (almost dual personal...) feedback would be helpful if I wasn't such an asshole to myself. There is no forgiveness there, no understanding that I play a lot of things and don't practice and have no real aspirations of actually being good anymore. No, that bastard in my head compares what he sees directly to professional players who live and die by this shit, sitting in practice mode for hours at a time, putting actual work in during the time that I waste playing terrible games. 'You know exactly what to do, just do it!' it screams with no appreciation for the muscle memory it takes to perform cool things with any regularity or the fighting common sense that only comes from spending a lot of time losing. 'If you were a better player, you would win more, so be better or just stop!'

So I quit again last night after an ugly beat down handed down by a 10000+ BP Seth, my own very personal peanut gallery having driven the stick from my hands. I'll forget the shame in a few days and be right back at it, treading water and dropping combos.

What an awful, wonderful cycle.


  1. For an hour an night, practice one combo that you can't do reliably.

    Don't worry if you can't get it. Just practice it. Eventually you'll get it.

    Or just stop getting so pissed off. Its not worth it if you aren't having fun.

  2. I suppose MvC3 will fix this. My plan to is troll with low tiers non stop.