Monday, February 21, 2011

The grey side

A brief summary of my day:

Drove two hours, spent two and a half attempting to update a piece of software, spent and hour and a half putting everything back because I failed gloriously, drove two hours home.

Oh, and it snowed more, and my eight plus year old snow blower as decided it has had enough. It's not the only one.

One to more interesting things, I managed to play through Star Wars The Force Unleashed II from beginning to end and neglected to mention anything about it. This is not a condemnation, it was just that short. In truth I do not think that Force Unleashed II deserved all of the derision that was heaped upon it. It plays just like the first game, looks better, and is actually better 'Star Wars' than anything else that has oozed out of Lucasarts recently, as long as you don't take it as canon. This game is an excellent what if scenario, part two of the what if Vader had a secret apprentice bit from the first game. Starkiller is a clone this time around, at least that is what he is told at first. He is saddled with all of the emotions and attachments of the original, bound by love for a woman that he has never met. It is never really made clear if he was a clone or not, but if he was it makes him a wonderfully tragic character. And if it wasn't? Then it's a lame plot device, but at least he didn't have floppy ears and an annoying accent.

I can understand why hard core Star Wars geeks could despise the light side ending; seeing Darth Vader captured by the alliance and in a cage does not sit well with his image. Then again, neither does this:

Vader is not as cool as he was when you were ten. And if you are ten now get off my fucking blog, this is no place for you.

It's not a good game, but it isn't terrible, making it an excellent rental. I question the decision to make this a physical game instead of a lower cost downloadable one. Hard Corps cost me 1200 points and I still haven't beaten it. The bull shit final boss is far more intimidating than anything the empire threw at me over the last six hours, and these guys did it on a much tighter budget.

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