Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I played Street Fighter last night for the first time in quite a while, curious as to who was left after the mass exodus to MvC3. The average skill level of anonymous online players had already been improving and the people who have stuck with it seem to be the upper 50% of the player base. In other words: no more free wins for me over people who don't know how to deal with hop shenanigans. On top of the upward trend in ability I ran into an even higher ratio of Ryu's to everyone else than I was used to. It was so bad that I was actually relieved to see a Ken.

Then I recognized the Ken I was playing. He and I had crossed paths before, and by crossed paths I mean he beat on me without mercy. I stole a few rounds from him this time around, which was a moral victory, but I still do wonder how people pull of sequential one frame links online. Blanka has like two or three of use and I can only nail them about half the time in practice mode. There is only one answer: clairvoyance. Everyone is a freak but me, and if you don't agree then you are one of them and I don't want to play against you anymore for fear of you probing my brain for political secrets.


  1. Learn to plink!

    Or join us in marvel where cancel combos are everywhere!

  2. I thought the only way to plink into a jab is with the select button, and that's kind of hard to reach...