Friday, February 18, 2011

I didn't the know the island was alive

Everyone else is talking about it, so here, watch this trailer is you have not done so already.

That would be an excellent trailer is it were for a movie. It is moving, manipulative, gorey, and quite memorable. Zombies eating children is not something that you see every day, and zombie children attacking their parents is even more shocking. If this were a snippet from a movie version of World War Z (which I understand is actually being made and will be terrible, I promise, just read the book and then drink heavily to fight off the inevitable depression) I would be more excited. But this trailer is not for a movie, a mini-series, or anything else non-interactive. This is a trailer for Dead Island, the game, and if Sony's shenanigans with Killzone bull-shots has taught be anything, it's that I shouldn't get too excited about something until I see someone controlling the action in real time. Will I play it? Of course, I play everything eventually, but it has not surpassed, say, the new Elder Scrolls on my 'gotta have it so bad that I might actually buy the damn game' list.

Granted, open ended Dead Rising minus the camp plus deeper RPG elements in an area somewhere near that of Just Cause 2 sounds like the absolute shit, but who knows if it will actually happen.

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