Thursday, February 10, 2011

It went there

An invisible line has been crossed in Enslaved. I have seen and heard countless murders, gratuitous boobage, foul language, sadism, masochism, deformities, and many, many other visuals that would simply not be possible in a 'more real' format. Last night was the first time I had ever heard any character in a game refer to a dong by its proper name. Yes, last night, when all three protagonists were crammed into a very small escape module, Pigsy (who looks a little to close to Peyj from Beyond Good and Evil for my tastes) begins to look uncomfortable. Monkey's hand is right on his stiffy, and he asks Monkey to give his dick a little breathing room. Aghast at his proximity to a dirty fat man's tadger, he acts like the world's biggest prick and attempts tells him there is nowhere to go.

'I don't care if your willy is crunched or your John Thomas is bent out of shape,' he yells, 'my one eyed trouser snake is just fine and that is all that matters!'

'My piece of pork is your wife's best friend,' snorts Pigsy, 'it's no wonder you can't get enough of my percy.'

Trip has had enough.

'Would you both just shut up about your cock! You can tie it up in ribbons, you can slip in a sock, but don't take it out in public or I'll throw you in the dock, and you won't come back!'



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