Sunday, February 20, 2011

Money saved

As promised, I spent a few hours with MvC3 last night with a friend whose total sum of fighting game skill amounts to mashing buttons and churning butter with a PS3 analog stick. He likes the game because it is full of comic book characters, and I will not hold that against him, but I had more fun after we were done fighting each other just going through and watching peoples level 3 supers than actually fighting against him.

It is not right to compare MvC3 to Super Street Fighter 4. Neither game is perfect for every level talent, but even with my limited skill l I understand that Street Fighter is an incredibly defensive game. Down back is a viable, and often successful, tactic. Reckless attacks are punished but they do not end the match. Ultras are still kind of lame, but I do not think they are game breaking. In contrast, MvC3 is a purely offensive game. Down back is not an option, but filling the screen with projectiles and assists is. I just watched a first to ten run between Marn and NerdJosh and there were times that Arthur and Sentinel had so much on the screen that Magneto might as well have been playing a bullet hell shooter, threading the needle by the thinnest of margins in an attempt to get inside and do some damage.

I will never, ever say that either MvC3 or Street Fighter 4 are scrubby games. When high level players call them such I am exactly the kind of player they are talking about. I don't mash (much) but I see what others have success with and try to mimic it. What I will say, though, is that at the niche level between 'I can push buttons and cool shit happens' and 'most people are better than me but I don't get P'd on too often' Super Street Fighter 4 is just more fun. If I have to put a label on this group that is probably populated only by myself I would call it casual but informed and incredibly lazy. I know what is possible in MvC3, but I do not like what I have seen enough to put the time into learning it, so I am not going to play it.

Oh, and X factor is lamer than ultras any day of the week.

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  1. I found a team that makes the game entirely unfun for anyone I play against (think of yourself playing blanka)

    Arthur for projectile spam
    Haggar for invincible lariat assist
    Storm because x-factor plus 4 ice storm hypers do enough chip damage to kill every character in the game.

    Buy the game so we can dual troll teams.

    DO IT