Thursday, February 3, 2011

Over exposure

The more I watch videos of Marvel vs Capcom 3 the less I want it. When I watched preview videos of Street Fighter 4 I could understand and relate to everything that was being shown. This is probably because I had been playing HDR for months on end, but I had been playing Street Fighter in one form or another for so long that it was going to be a guaranteed purchase no matter. MvC3, on the other hand, continues to look more foreign as its release approaches. I might as well be trying to learn Chinese by watching old kung fu movies with no subtitles. It is going to take a long, long time to develop even the most rudimentary of skills and even then the native speakers will still beat on me unmercifully. This is no indictment of the games quality, no one should actually listen to the opinions of a man who played through Darkest of Days on purpose. I have probably been spoiled by Street Fighter IV's intentional approachability so much that a game that moves fast and makes you think faster just doesn't look like much fun.


Plus, no Venom?!



The various Spider-Men have lost most of their individuality of purpose and skills. Everything still looks different, but the last several levels have boiled down to fighting goons over and over until a door opens. It is a cheap way to add length to a short game, but so many titles are guilty of it that it is difficult to find fault with it being used again. Making new levels takes money and time; palette swapping dudes and adding hit points is much easier. I will probably finish it tonight and move on to Hydrophobia, a game that was demoed and skipped originally, but a 400 points sale and a developer who listened to community complaints and revamped an already released game have me quite intrigued. The game was seriously flawed when it first came out, I am anxious to see what they did to it.

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