Monday, February 14, 2011

Sumo cares not for Jenny Craig

I stopped by Best Buy today, as they were supposed to have playable demos out of MvC3 and I should probably give it at least a cursory try before writing it off. They had the signs up for it but still had the most recent Madden in the main XB360 kiosk and a Little Big Planet 2 demo on the PS3. You couldn't pay me (well you could, but it would not be cheap) to play those, so I left. No matter, a friends of mine who is a tremendous comic book geek will be purchasing it on day one and I will abuse his indiscretion over the weekend. He is also pretty terrible at fighting games, so this will be a true test it it is worth my time or not. If I can't scrub out victories against him then playing the game would be a fools errand. I already have one of those, it's call Street Fighter, and even that needs to be given a little space right now.

There is no way that I will even think about brining the game home until they patch spectate mode into player lobbies. I would be spending more than my share of time on the bottom the list waiting to play so not being able to watch what is going on is an instant deal breaker. Online is my only option, and while I know for a fact that there is a reasonably active SRK group in my area I have no real desire to try to get in on their ran bat nights or tournaments. Something tells me that I would just not fit in. Either that or I am painfully shy/a hermit/get paid to deal with people's bull shit all day and don't want to interact with other human beings by the time I get home (hint, it's all three).

Fist of the North Star continues to be terrible. I had to quit last night after losing to a boss and I really hope that the checkpoint is part of my save file. Most levels have all the charm and variety of the early Dynasty Warriors games, right down to highly abusable area attacks and bosses who can interrupt any of your moves with their own, so it is understandable that I just don't want to do it again.

Hey look, Honda lost a ton of weight:

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