Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where are my goddamn charge characters?!

I never did throw my arcade stick last night, which I suppose is a good sign.

There is an incredibly stark divide between what is possible in the practice room in MvC3 and what can actually be pulled off in a match, and not because of latency (though I wish there was a way for me to ascertain the quality of someone's connection hitting me with a fight request). My initial plan, and yes I did have one, was to use Zero, Thor and someone else; Zero because I really liked what I saw of him in videos and Thor because he hits like a truck. Zero is a great fit for me in spite of his below average hit points. Thor, though....

I was able to hit just silly combos with him against someone who was standing still, but in a real match that just never happens. There are a dozen things flying around the screen and he's just too damn big and slow to get close. I tried Hulk and had slightly more success, but even he has trouble moving from one side of the arena to the other. The real problem is I am not actually building a team, I am trying to pick individual characters that I can play, and I know why: in the middle of a match I forget that I have other characters. Calling in assists never even occurs to me; it just is just my one character against the revolving door of ass kicking that my opponent is rolling out.

Figuring out what moves have priority is also very difficult. There were many time where I blocked something and wanted to punish but could not because not a single move that I had was fast enough to intercept the other guys furious mashing. The whole concept of bait and punish just doesn't seem to work because baiting requires you to not attack for a few seconds. The moment my offense stopped (and it was often) I lost. Add to that supers that have no frame invulnerability and some assists that do and I was feeling like a giant donkey last night. I won twice all night and spent most of the time in a player match with someone who was quite drunk (thanks Folken!).

This is not me throwing in the towel, this is just bitching because I suck. And I really don't like sucking.

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