Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You go out in public like that?

I am a bad, bad gamer.

Never in all my days had I bothered to play any of the many versions of You Don't Know Jack. From what I understand it has been around on the PC for ages and I was just never interested. A quiz party game? Feh, I could just watch Jeopardy. Then 1 vs 100 came along and it became appointment gaming time. I never got a chance to be the one, never even made it into the mob, and it was still a blast. That died, for some reason, and I picked up the new You Don't Know Jack yesterday, partly to fill the trivia void and partly to keep myself from buying MvC3.

My god, it's full of awesome.

Yes, it is nothing more than a multiple choice quiz game with a few other interesting question types thrown in, but the questions, no all of the writing, is so well done that I was laughing out loud all by myself in my cold, chairless basement. It was funny the entire time, and not just for me. I picked up three random xbox live-ers to play with and they were as amused as I was, at least I hope I what I heard coming out of my head set was laughing. There is a lot of content here, though each 'episode' is static, so I am going to meter this out for as long as I can. At $30 it's a no brainer. I have heard that the cheaper Steam version is to be avoided, sporting two less players and local only play. The Wii version of a multi-platform game is not the worst one? I am shocked.

It took about thirty seconds of playing Enslaved to recognize it as a Ninja Theory product. First of all the facial animations are excellent, portraying emotion that rivals almost anything that Cameron threw up on the screen in Avatar. Secondly, apart from the face every single character is as ugly as sin. Whoever dressed these people should be beaten with a stick. For example:

That tube top is held up by either black magic or technology so far beyond what we know that it might as well be mystical. She is a disaster from shoulder line to shoe. It really is a shame because from the neck up she is a very sympathetic character with an excellent voice actor. As soon as you see the rest of her she becomes impossible to take seriously.

I will talk more about Monkey tomorrow. Suffice to say that he is far to forgiving of the scrawny bitch who put some sort of pain/death inducing helmet on him, promised to take it off when she got home, then went back on the deal just because her whole family was dead.

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