Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am still stuck in a casino with no games. This marks the first two day stretch lacking any sort of electronic entertainment in a long, long time. I do not like it. Tonight, for lack of anything else to do, I played blackjack.

With someone else's money.

Now, I enjoy playing blackjack, but I do not know all the 'rules.' I can count to 21 the same as anyone else, but the intricacies of when to double down, when to split and when to just sit on your hands escape me. Even if I was playing with my own money it would still be an issue because you can seriously screw up hands for the rest of the table by doing the wrong thing. This is terribly stressful for a person who shuns most human contact, especially the negative kind.

We waited around for a few seats to open up at a $5 table. I sat down with $60 of borrowed money and the guy with me dropped down around $300. I plugged away at the minimum bet for over an hour, flirting with the even mark the entire time. With help from the my benefactor, other players, and at times even the dealer, I managed to only piss everyone off a few times. The guy with me eventually ran out of money and was about to walk away. This of course terrified me and I would't let him go, after all, I was playing with his money. I bet everything I had left and won. Then I did it again. Then I did it again.

It is better to be lucky than good, and I am apparently very lucky. My chips turned from red to green and the person who lent me the money didn't walk away, instead coaching me to hoard the big chips and just bet the little ones. The streak ended and I played for a few hands too long, ending up at $75. It's not much, but I didn't lose, and honestly it was difficult to not have a good time. Still, I felt like a kid at the grown ups table, being tolerated because my antics were amusing.

This is not the first time I have played blackjack in a casino. It's not even the time I won the most at once. That title actually belongs to the very first casino I had ever been in (luxor, in vegas). I was drunk, it was late, and I won a couple hundred bucks. I did that well because I was loaded. I wasn't worried about pissing people off and just played for fun.

Still, I am done with place. I was done with this place yesterday and I am not going to get out of here until tomorrow afternoon.

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