Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amendment to case study

Scrub #1 was found this morning curled up in the fetal position, muttering to himself about 'they never stopped hitting me' and 'the problems began when I started to hit buttons.' After some fierce shaking and a shot of prescription strength whiskey he was lucid enough to be questioned. In spite of all he had said scrub #1 returned to MvC3 after seeing 'some really cool Zero combos.'

'I just wanted to see if I could figure out the buster shot relaunch combos. They looked really cool.'

Upon turning the game on he received an invite to a lobby, which he took. There were already two people there so he got a good look at the records of the two potential opponents, turned tail and ran back to the practice room. From there he turned on fight requests, expecting to not get a match for several minutes (it should be noted that all research up to this point show that, without a doubt, scrub #1 is just not very bright). Before a practicing a single combo an opponent jumps in. Scrub #1 loses, to no ones surprise including his own, but it was not as demoralizing as it could have been.

For next thirty minutes scrub #1 got a new match every time he went back into practice mode, and each time he was beaten worse than the last. The final two opponents beat him so quickly that he was convinced that the fact he was there at all, pushing buttons, did not make a difference. 'The outcome was preordained,' he said with a shudder, 'I had lost before I had even started.'

As previously noted scrub #1 is prone to fits of violent and often times humorous over reaction. In contrast to precious actions this time he calmly removed the game disc, put it in its case, then deleted his save file. After turning off the television he curled up into a quivering little ball on the floor, as he was found later this morning,

This concludes the case study on scrub #1's experiment with MvC3. It is safe to say that game will find itself removed from his collection soon, possibly put towards a pre-order of another fighting game that he will have no ability in.

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