Thursday, March 10, 2011

A close one

First and foremost, I am rather proud of myself for not purchasing Torchlight on XBLA as a reflex action. I already own the game and haven't finished it, and it doesn't matter that playing with a controller would be better, not to mention a bigger screen, better sound system, easier access to snacks while playing... Hold on a second...

Steady there.

Ok, the urge has passed.

Purchasing anything on XBLA is far to easy. I know, logically, that these 'Microsoft points' cost real money, but I never see any cash change hands. It is a transparent electronic transaction that appears later on a digital statement which is paid for online. The fact that money was involved at all is barely apparent. I traded time at work for time on a game, which makes sense in a odd sort of way. And no, I do not want to paid in Microsoft points. You cannot use those to but other important things, like beer.

Must kill more time before starting Tron. My stamina for bad games is a bit low, and I know that this one is going to be even worse than the last two. At least Saw finally push me over 100,000 gamerscore. Who am I kidding, I actually enjoyed it, right up until the ending. Finally (because of a choice I inadvertently made during the tutorial because I didn't understand how to walk across a plank without falling) the good guy escapes and everyone else is dead. Jigsaw appears and offers him one last choice: go back to his job as a newspaper reporter and not matter or stay with him, become the pig faced man, and force people into Rube Goldberg inspired death traps.

The game ends before the choice is made, but we all know that it will come down to who has better benefits and pension.

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