Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The coming shit storm

This whole MvC3 debacle was prompted by having nothing to play from GameFly. Three quick games in a row and out stripped their ability to get fresh discs to my door. It seems that when you get down to zero they ship whatever is at the top of your list, regardless of availability. This could be good, as it gets something to play out the door, and even better when a few things ship at once, but when your list is a mine field like mine, things can get a bit rough.

Case in point: Splatterhouse, Saw II and Tron Legacy have all shipped a few days apart. That may eclipse even my stamina for terribleness. They could have shipped Dead Space 2 or Bulletstorm of Killzone 3, but not, I get the perfect shit storm.

At least these games should push my over the 100,000 gamerscore mark, a landmark that has been sitting out there for quite a while.

Played MvC3 for another 3 hours last nigh without breaking anything. I ran into the exact opposite scenario as my first evening (only I was sober): me against someone who was clearly trying to play Street Fighter. I could tell from the way he moved and jumped and chained jabs into uppercuts with Ryu (which really doesn't do much damage) that this was probably his first night with the game. Much to his credit he just kept hitting rematch, which I gladly obliged because I am only slightly less terrible. He didn't get really upset until I came back from two characters down with nothing but plasma beam spam, and he finally called it quits when I started camping out with Hulk and juggling his characters one after the other.

It was meaningless, scrubby, and just a little mean. But it felt good. 

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