Sunday, March 27, 2011

Everything new is wimpy

Trinity has more plot in it than it knows what to do with. A brief synopsis: evil ruler gets prophecy that he will be killed by his half-elf grandson. Ruler kills own son in an effort to get to the child, but they escape. Time passes, the child is raised in an arena, is now a skinny but potent bad ass, and has is seeking violent revenge. Hero meets the rest of his party, blah blah, and then it gets interesting. Hero realizes that the best way to get to the evil ruler and exact is revenge is to join his army, basically betray everything his father died for, and work his way up. He and one of his arena buddies do so with the hero (whose name I cannot spell right now) ending up a merc and his friend a commander. I know exactly where this is going really hope it will be as gut wrenching as it promises: at some point the hero's friend is going to figure out what is going on and try to stop him and the hero will have to kill him.

That is how is should go. Realistically the hero will find a way to get the guy to change sides. The game may be writing itself into a corner that it does not have the balls to get out of, making it no different than every other damn game ever. You know what makes good drama? Important people dying and staying dead. Look at Hamlet: every mother fucker in the castle is dead via poison or stabbing by the time it is over, save for Horatio, and that is because Horatio is a pansy. Shakespeare had stones. Could it possibly be that the average Joe playing games is actually less intelligent then the groundlings Shakespeare had to cater to? Actually less able to handle tragedy and change that there is no return from? There was no Romeo and Juliet 2, people, everyone was dead.

...Comparing B and C grade games to classic plays is probably a bad idea. Hell, comparing AAA titles to classic plays is still a bad idea. I love games and will defend them to almost no end, but they have a long, long way to go.

My PS3 was turned on, so I used it to sample the new twin stick shooter Ghostbuster game. It was good and I will buy it because twin stick shooters are like crack to me. Here is the funny part: I did not buy it from the Playstation store. It was actually less work to turn off the PS3, change a setting on my TV, turn on my Xbox, add points and find the game than it would have been to back out of the PSN store, remember how to add money to my Playstation wallet, remember the password I have used about three times, add the money, click yes a dozen time, start the game back up and unlock the full version. The Playstation store is an atrocity. It should not take more than two clicks to get to what is new and buy it. Plus, why would you put a new game and the demo for that same game it two different places? Yes, it only does everything, but some of the everything is far more work than it needs to be.

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