Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grumpy gamer

I have no idea what Zill O'll is, or if it even has a soul. There aren't even any characters named Zill. I am sure that answers will are forthcoming, but I don't particularly care; I am not playing Trinity for a its moving story. It was added to the list because I was intrigued by the name and there are precious few PS3 games that ever come home. It is just a hack and slash, a pared down Dynasty Warriors (a series that I have never been a fan of). Quests have me going back to areas again and again, but there is just a little something here that will keep me coming back. The same thing happened with White Knight Chronicles. It was just good enough to keep me interested until it was too late to put it away. There is a definite point of no return in games for me. After a certain number of hours I become compelled to see it through to the end, sometimes just to spite a game for its terribleness. I don't know if Trinity will get there.

But it might.

I found this post very interesting and made a few comments as such. This kind of elitism is both easily understood and very dangerous. I understand exactly where it comes from: there is an arrogance that comes from knowing a lot about anything, doubly so for hobbies as vast and ultimately pointless as gaming. I play shitty games constantly and am still guilty of it, being openly hostile towards multiplayer games the same way this blogger takes issue with C and D grade shooters. The end result is the same attitude: X game sucks because I don't play it, and I don't play it because I know what is better.

News flash: long time gamers, people who remember the old, old days of one button controllers and pixels the size of your hand, are in the vast minority. Playing games may be what I do, but it is no longer mine. My hobby has been taken, broadened, sanitized, cleaned up, dumbed down, repackaged, shrunk wrapped and sold to the masses, and as much as I bitch there is nothing wrong with that.

Bleh, I probably have more to say, but I am sitting in a hotel room with no games to play and just in a bad mood. One of these days I am going to have pick up a handheld. The PSP just dropped to $129.99, it might finally be time.

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