Thursday, March 3, 2011

I already didn't have many friends

The gap between those who can and those who cannot is much, much larger in MvC3 than in any other fighting game I have ever played.

At the bottom level are the mashers, who throw out random supers and nothing but low attacks, followed by the scrubs, people who know enough not to mash but don't actually know any combos. Just above the scrubs are the valiant triers, people who are definitely better than the first two groups but still can't even come close to hanging with the big boys.

Then we have a giant gulf of ability; a space so wide that people just on opposite sides can hardly be said to be playing the same game.

On the good side of gulf things are a little closer together. There are people with innate ability, people who practice like crazy, people who have been playing vs games since MvC2 came out, and at the top of the heap is Justin Wong. Yes, he has his own class.

The upshot of this is that it is absolutely no fun for a person on one side of the talent divide to play someone on the other. A scrub learns absolutely nothing from getting bitch slapped with perfect rounds, and the person doing the bitch slapping might as well have been in practice mode. The pool of people to have fun with is much smaller than Street Fighter and it is just how the game works.

No matter, time for a break anyway. Splatterhouse is undoubtedly terrible, and it is waiting.

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