Monday, March 14, 2011

I guess I like to watch...

Not much to talk about today. I camped out in from of my computer with a bag of Doritoes last night and watch the top sixteen in Marvel vs Capcom 3 at the Final Round tournament. Missed Street Fighter, but I must say that as the 'pros' get more familiar with McV3 it get more fun to watch. I was most please to see a grand finals with no Sentinel or Phoenix, and it was also nice to see a Zero sneaking up there into the top eight. Marn does things with ease that I do not understand the mechanics behind, things like charging up the buster shot by rotating which attack button is held down, things that would fracture my fragile fingers if I so much as attempted them. Had he been sober he might have had a better showing (just a rumor...).

It was also hilarious to watch new mahvel memes grow and evolve through the course of the match. Thanks to Combofiend's Spencer 'BIONIC ARRRRRRRRMMMMMM' was shouted over and over as he juggled the entire field, up to and including Justin Wong, on his way to victory. The grand finals, while not as tense as some Street Fighter finals I have seen, was easily the most fun I have had watching a live stream. Here were two guys who knew each other extremely well, having faced off time and time again for years, laughing and having a good time. They were competing, and there was money at stake so the eventual outcome was very serious, but there was a distinct lake of saltiness that made the entire event much more fun to see. This is exactly what needs to be broadcast to the masses: these dudes may be able to destroy 99.9% of the rest of the gaming world with their backup/trolling teams, but they are still just dudes playing a game, which means it is alright to have a good time.

And there was a distinct lack of bitching about how the game was so easy that even girls can play it.

MvC3, as a spectator 'sport', may finally do what Street Fighter could not: it may be just about ready for prime time consumption. ESPN2, here we come.

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