Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is being traded in a mutant power?

Last night was probably my last night of actually playing any Marvel. It is much more fun to observe that participate. No drama, no long autobiographical rants (though that was certainly fun to write), and no broken equipment. I played it for an hour and have quietly put it to bed. If I am as wowed by the new Mortal Kombat demo as I hope to be it will fine one final use: as down payment on a game that I will play more.

And so it was back to Street Fighter, and even though I lost much more than I usually do it was a night full of laughs. I lost to a pretty good T Hawk even though the match is supposedly (and I agree) in Blanka's favor. I pulled one out of the fire against an equally good Hakan, learning in the process that his Ultra 2 will eat up Blanka's ultra 1. This was laugh number one. I ran into a Ryu that was clearly trolling, jumping back over and over, then walking forward into jabs until the round was over. He started to get serious in the second round, then actually fought in the third, but it was too late, and that made me happy. There was also a 0 bp Ken that was either using a lag switch or playing from Alaska vis a dial up connection. That wasn't much fun, but at least I pulled out the win.

Best of all was an excellent Ken that cropped up a few times. This was clearly a Ken who knew how to deal with scrubby Blankas. I have a bad habit of trying to hit with a horizontal ball after a blocked fireball. Sometimes I can catch them before they throw a second one, sometimes they block, sometimes I burn EX just to see what happens. Mr. 15,000 bp Ken had clearly seen this, as after his first fireball he simply ducked and punched my feeble ball out of the air. That was just a fluke, I thought. Nope. I fell for it three more times before realizing I was being an idiot. It was an ugly loss, the kind that you reflect on later and feel like an ass. In retrospect I realized that he was expecting me to use the ball every time and that just about anything else would hit him after he committed to the psychic counter.

He found me again a few minutes late and I was thrilled. I had a plan. The first time I blocked a fire ball I still used and was punched out of a horizontal ball. The second I hit him with a river run. The third I counter poked him with a crouching roundhouse. The fourth time I walked up and threw him. At this point the Ken player realized that I was not quite as big of an idiot as he hoped and changed things up. I did not win, but I did take that first round.

Street Fighter still works. It's still fun, it's just fun at a different speed.

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