Monday, March 21, 2011

A miracle

There is a combo that I go for in Street Fighter that I rarely hit, does mediocre damage, and is quite possibly unsafe on hit if I am in the corner (why anything is unsafe on hit, I will never understand). It had been weeks since I landed it. But last night, when I needed it most:

crossover medium kick, standing medium (two hits), standing jab (link), horizontal ball.

It's not that hard of a combo. A single one frame link, though if a shoto is mashing dp and I miss the link I will get stuffed every time, canceled into a ball. But damn does it feel nice when it the last hit of a match. Example at around four minutes in,

I was unconscious last night. There were things happening on the screen that I don't think I was responsible for. Good things, like winning most of my matches against good opponents. There were only two savage beat downs, both by people who should have beaten me, but I was not free.

As the even progressed I felt comfortable assigning a new goal for myself: get Blanka back above 5000 bp. I came tantalizingly close several time only to lose a close match. After an hour and a half I was starting to crack, make stupid mistakes, and generally fall back into old habits. Finally, I came across some joker with around 70bp. I know better than to underestimate people, but I could not help but feel relieved. It only took a few seconds to realize this guy was a shark, either using a new account or playing on someone else's. I still beat him, but it was damn close.



Next match was against a 0-0 player.



Final match was against a Ryu would was just good enough and just cognizant enough of Blanka nonsense that it was a really close match. I screwed up in the final round, eating a super that I should have seen coming, and ended up with no health. Time slowed, Ryu threw fireballs, and I shenanigan'd my ass off from an impossible life deficit.


Finally. I am not one to brag, because self deprecation is much more amusing, but it was a beautiful thing. Time to find my capture card. Low res or not, this shit has got to be shared.

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