Monday, March 28, 2011

A wonderful, awful idea

This may be the greatest gif I have ever found. I am going to use it constantly.

A wonderful idea. A wonderful, awful idea. Or something like that. I have been using Sinistar in one form or another as my avatar for years, but that last frame is delicious. Plus I hate Christmas (retail work will do that to you eventually) so it may be a natural fit.

More news on the Street Fighter AE front today. It is looking more and more than AE is going to be a disc release and not downloadable content. I am having a hard time getting as worked up about this as everyone else. MvC3 has been out for around a month or so and Capcom is soaking people for $5 a downloadable character. Super Street Fighter 4 AE is going to have at least four new characters, perhaps more. It would make sense for them to charge around $29.99 for it, and I would gladly pay that. Then again Capcom left spectating out of lobbies in MvC3, so their recent track record for making sense is a little shoddy.

There is one glaring flaw with Trinity: there is very little to talk about on a daily basis. Last night I killed things in a few old areas and a few new areas, which is the same thing I did the night before, and is exactly the same thing that I am going to do tonight. How to make reading about that entertaining? I don't even have much to complain about right now: I know exactly what the game has to offer and for the moment it is okay. I am hoping it doesn't turn into the adversarial relationship I had with White Knight Chronicles, but that is always a possibility.

No, I have walked away from too many PS3 games as it is, this one will be finished. Eventually.

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