Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You asked for it.

What kind of sick bastard do they have working at GameFly? I will not believe that the games they send out are based only on what is available on your queue in order from top to bottom. Trinity (which I am enjoying more than I should) shipped at the same time as Gothic 4. Surprise, here is at least eighty hours of game play! Today those jerks shipped me Two Worlds 2. These are all games that I want to play, just not in a row. I did buy Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime, but that will take a day or two to blow through. Add to that the new Mortal Kombat coming out in a month and I don't know what I am going to do. Time to see if 5 Hour Energy drink actually does what it says, I suppose.

My 'games never kill important characters because the write have no balls and the execs what sequels' was just that: a rant. I never expected Trinity to be any different, so when Areus' (the hero whose name I can remember now) friend and commanding officer was sent on a mission to kill Areus' mother I assumed that nothing was actually going to happen. 'He is going to get there in time to rescue her' I thought, 'they will run away and it will be more fuel for the inevitable fight later on.'

'Wait a minute, his adopted brother just claimed to be him and got a sword in his stomach for the effort. Oh shit, they just cut off him mother's head.'

In other words, I stand corrected.

This kind of wanton murder does not fit very well in a teen rated game. Not because no one dies in teen games, just because the whole execution was a little too neat. Disemboweling and throat slitting are not tidy ways to kill people, a little blood would have gone a long way to make the point. And now I am bitching just to bitch. I complained that games don't often kill important characters and now that it did I am complaining that it wasn't graphic enough.

See what exposing myself to the PS3 for extended periods does to me?

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