Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blocky bleeding

The Lego games have been slowly evolving from the first Lego Star Wars arrived in 2005. Each one did a little more than the last, moving form simple platforming to big hub levels filled with enough secrets to make a Mortal Kombat jealous. Branching out into new properties to lampoon helped keep things from getting stale (and Lego Batman is in my opinion the best one they have done to date) but after six years even Legos get old. Lego Star Wars III has moved in an unfortunate direction, adding in the exact same levels that have dragged down better games. Just two areas in I was confronted with a large, boring area with enemy spawns that I had to take over. It was something that I had yet to see in a Lego game: it was boring and it wasn't funny. These are the exact same things that made up the weakest parts of Brutal Legend. It would seem that adding just a dash of strategy to an otherwise action oriented game just doesn't work, or it has yet to be done well.

Keep in mind this is coming from someone who cannot play RTS game to save his life and was beaten by the tutorial level of Kings Bounty Armored Princess.

The Mortal Kombat mention in the first paragraph was not exactly intentional. I am more excited for it than I though I would, and 'Aeris' calling from GameStop to remind me of the midnight open that I will not be able to attend. Fresh off the continual and malicious ass kickings provided by MvC3 I am ready to try again. Mortal Kombat 2 was my specialty when I as young; I was better at it then I ever was at Street Fighter. The demo had the same effect on me as Mega Man 9: it was suddenly many years ago and I was digging through strategy guides for move lists and secrets. I know that it is not the same game; it was much more focused on juggling, and that is saying something because MK2 practically invented it. Still, I am excited to see if the same people who were significantly better than me at Street Fighter and MvC are better than me in this one.

And if nothing else, Mortal Kombat has a compelling single player element. I really hope the net code can keep up.

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