Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gotta find my dealer

I really can't think of anything more to say about Trinity, short of not exactly knowing why I am still playing it. the same thing happened with Dark Star One. I think games like these tap into the part of me that exists on an inflexible schedule even though they really aren't very good. Trinity has gone on for about ten hours now with little if any plot movement, and what I did get was 'We need all the pieces of such and such magic doodad, but have no idea where it is. Visit every area you have already been to!' I am at thirty hours and I have no idea how much is left, but am past the point of no return. So this is what true addiction is like.

Let's look at the signs of addiction, according to a five second Google search, with my excuses in bold. Looks like I am out of luck. It's a good thing video games aren't illegal. Yet.

    • Extreme mood changes – happy, sad, excited, anxious, etc
      • You try working in the IT world where you have to explain trivial things to people six months from retirement. Every day. Multiple time.
    • Sleeping a lot more or less than usual, or at different times of day or night
      • Honestly, I wish I could do this, maybe I should start doing drugs.
    • Changes in energy – unexpectedly and extremely tired or energetic
      • See first comment, especially if I am short on Coke for the day.
    • Weight loss or weight gain
      • Nothing here. I have been the same physically since high school.
    • Unexpected and persistent coughs or sniffles
      • Snorting White Cheddar Cheez Its is probably not a good idea. But they're just so good.
    • Seeming unwell at certain times, and better at other times
      • What the fuck is this? Who doesn't this apply to?
    • Pupils of the eyes seeming smaller or larger than usual
      • Hm. I do play my games in a cold, dark, couch-less basement.
    • Secretiveness
      • I have a blog, but do not use my real name anywhere in it. I suppose that counts.
    • Lying
      • I never lie. In person. To people not on the internet.
    • Stealing
      • I lack the courage to steal, or even borrow and not return promptly.
    • Financially unpredictable, perhaps having large amounts of cash at times but no money at all at other times
      • Shit, I have nothing to play. To Best Buy!
    • Changes in social groups, new and unusual friends, odd cell-phone conversations
      • Does not having a social group count?
    • Repeated unexplained outings, often with a sense of urgency
    • Drug paraphernalia such as unusual pipes, cigarette papers, small weighing scales, etc
    • “Stashes” of drugs, often in small plastic, paper or foil packages
      • These last three have to do with actual drugs, but digital drug substitutes. But I do have a pretty good sized stash of Microsoft points for random XBLA purchases

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