Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guilty party's name witheld

While it is tempting to join the rest of the internets in chiding Sony for allowing most if not all of our personal information to be rifled through by internet hooligans (so tempting and so easy) I am going to take the slightly higher road and remind everyone that the only reason this hasn't happened to Xbox Live is because no one has bothered to try. Like it or not, nerds and their kin rule the world from the shadows of darkened basements, and if they want to get their pale skinny hands on your personal bits nothing is going to stop them for long. I have no idea if the Playstation Network was any easier to get into than anything else, though storing sensitive information un-hashed seems like a pretty bad idea, if that was indeed the case. It wouldn't matter if it was the most secure thing ever, they garnered the wrong kind of attention for *GASP* attempting to protect their intellectual property. This was unavoidable and it will happen again, all that companies can do is be as diligent and transparent as they can.

This, to no one's surprise, is exactly where Sony blew it. There are going to be legals goings on when this is all done and it will all be settled behind the scenes by one group of suited demons handing money over to another group of suited demons. No one outside this evil cadre of litigating fiends will know exactly what went down, but it boils down to this: Sony chose to not talk and they should have said something, anything. But to be that one guy who defends big business, I cannot imagine exactly what they would have said. Sony has all sorts of revenue streams, but to admit being caught completely unprepared in one area weakens them all. I imagine the biggest of the Sony bigwigs looking down at the games divisions, asking what is wrong like a parent asking a guilty looking child.

'Nothing!' yells the games division, all the while trying to sweep the broken vase containing 75 million people's worth of personal data under the rug. 'Nothing I can't fix! Really! It's going to be alright! Just stop looking at me!'

It is all going to be alright, just not as soon as Sony would have hoped. Did they screw up? Of course, but I have my doubts that any other company would have handled it any better, and now that the cookie jar of gaming networks has been discovered to be pretty much there for the taking by the digital underground, we will probably get to see them try.

The industries growing pains are mighty, but it will survive. Just keep an eye on your credit cards statements for a  while.

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