Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm sure this is funny for someone

I had to look through my achievement history before I remembered playing the first Two Worlds; from the 0 points gained from it is apparent didn't play it for very long. I was pickier then, full of the kind of foolish arrogance reserved for people who run game stores (read: idiotic) so I have no idea if it would pass muster now. Two Worlds 2, on the other hand, is full of all the things missing from ArcaniA. It is a fine looking open RPG with all sorts of pointless quests and voice acting that makes Deadly Premonition look just slightly less terrible. To steal a phrase from a recent, well written Game Informer article, it as an excellent B grade game. If Oblivion is high fantasy, Tolkien worthy shit then Two Worlds 2 is all the D&D campaigns I slogged through in college. Well intentioned but not very well thought out, disconnected but amusing, and better with a beer or three in the tank.

It also has a very non-traditional RPG setting to help stave off unfair comparisons to bigger, better games. I cannot remember paying an RPG set (at least so far) in the African Savannah. This looks more the Far Cry 2 than anything else, just replace the respawning checkpoints with warthogs that will kick you ass with a moments notice. Playing my standard ranger/thief is more difficult than I expected as most creatures will kill me in two hits if I let then get to close, so running away had become a staple of my combat strategy. It feels big, it looks big, but the story is not big enough to hold anything together. This is the wanderlust fueled adventures of a nameless dude (so it really does feel like my old D&D group): fun, but in spurts. It would be foolish to complain about this, as there is still much to play. Playtime is going to be platooned between this, Killzone 3 and Mortal Kombat.

And now, for some lol-Sony.

How is it that the Playstation Network has been down for five days and I am still forced to download a 50 meg patch before I can play Killzone 3? Not only can I not login in, but I can't play until I patch the game, but if I don't patch the game I can't log in, but I can't log in anyway, but it still won't let skip the patch.

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