Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's better than cutting myself

The more 'serious' tide seems to slowly be turning against Mortal Kombat, mostly because online play is simply not viable for high end fights. Both Street Fighter and MvC3 have online modes that offer a reasonable approximation of having strangers on your couch (Street Fighter being the better of the two), but Mortal Kombat has some pretty big holes. I was unable to find a ranked match at all and everyone else was in 'rooms' that very much resembled the telnet chat rooms I spent most of college trolling around in. Once you jump into a room you can issue challenges to people or invite them to your king of the hill matches. Even this feels superfluous. Why do I have to get into a room to get a game instead of just filtering all the available games based on what I want to play? This also doesn't touch the actual quality of the net code, which to no ones surprise is any good.

And as much as I bitch, the game is still fun. It is an excellent single player fighting game that has more than enough depth to cater to players of all levels as long as there are people you are willing to share physical space with who you will play with you. For me, there aren't any, so I will play through the story mode and the challenge tower, practice combos with Kitana, learn or two more characters (Mileena for sure, still working on a third) and then go back to playing Street Fighter.

This will also make it easier for me to take a break from it tonight and finish up Lego Star Wars 3, because after that I really should play Two Worlds 2, and Killzone 3 just shipped, and I have to decide to man up and take the drive down to Chicago for the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament.

I really wish they ran these tournaments on 360, then I could schlep my ghetto SE stick down and it would match my ghetto Blanka. Not that a skinny white guy with short, greying hair and a pension for keeping to himself could ever be that ghetto, but you know what I mean.

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