Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's finished

I lied, I am going to complain about Mortal Kombat's abysmal online component more.

This game is a wonderful hybrid of the juggle happy MK2 and the dial-a-combo heavy MK3. There is a great deal of depth here: overheads that lead into big combos, powered up moves that require meter to use, x-ray moves that are have super armor (and are a throw, if you happen to be Jax). For the obsessive there are long combos that deal 40% to 50% damage, and for everyone else *cough*me*cough* there are easier ones that top at 25% without an x-ray. The practice room in a great place to come up with things that no one has seen yet. This early in a game's life no one knows what the 'best answer' for any given situation is. Eventually things will homogenize, but right now it is the wild west and there are no rules.

All of this would be true if anyone was able to get online matches the same quality as Street Fighter or MvC3. It doesn't need to be perfect, as neither of these games are, but it needs to be significantly better than it is to be in any way relevant. Instead of tense fights full of mind games and feints like Street Fighter we have mindless teleport and projectile spam. Instead of the life bar crushing combos that are possible ala MvC3 you get the same four or five hit jobs that are safe to attempt through a quarter second of input delay. I maintain that Mortal Kombat, as a fighting game, is so vastly improved over anything they have done since MK2 that it is hard to believe the same people are involved. It is a crying shame that very few people will get to play the game they have made to the fullest extent of its potential.

Now I am done. Barring a patch that inject the very glory of God into the netcode, I will not be going back. There is still plenty to do in the challenge tower. Plus it is about time to start the next terrible game. Two World 2 has been sitting on the 'to be played' pile for quite some time.

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