Friday, April 22, 2011

Secret secrets

I can tell from the achievement list that there are still two entire levels in Lego Star Wars III that I have not found. Hiding things is one way to extend play time, and not a bad way as long as most things can be found the first time through a level with painstakingly turning over every rock and Lego piece on the way through. Lego games have taken this to absurd extremes, but this is the first time that whole areas have escaped me. By hiding them so well it has caused the opposite of what they wanted. After finishing the first of three hidden epilogue levels I wandered around the galaxy map. When I couldn't find anything there I went back into the ship and finally unlocked the planet capture missions. These were all the giant sized super simple RTS areas that I didn't like. Thirty seconds into the first one I quit, found Cad Bane and the dark jedi played by Christopher Lee, and killed every last Lego bastard on the ship. Lego Star Wars III ended the same way all of my forays into the Grand Theft Auto games has: wanton, senseless violence.

Speaking of things that I enjoy.

Mortal Kombat games, going all the way back to the original arcade release, have been know for hiding all sorts of stuff, some of which took months to find. It would have been very easy for the reboot to fall into the same trap that Lego Star Wars III did: hiding to much stuff and have people get bored looking for it. Having all but two of the characters unlocked from the very beginning prevents this, and filling the crypt with mostly useless things that are still interesting will keep in interesting without the actual act of unlocking items getting boring. I doubt that in the age of instant, shared information much will remain hidden for long, but I honestly don't care. The eponymous 'FINISH HIM' after the few online fights that I had were not interesting. I just hit the guy with an uppercut because the fatalities take too long and I have seen almost all of them online already anyway. I really think that all the hidden bits of bullshit in the previous games were there to camouflage what amounted to a weak fighting game. Mortal Kombat doesn't need that anymore, but what is there I can ignore and focus on the actual fighting instead. The game is good enough...

...if you have a person sitting next to you. I am not going to bitch about the terrible net code anymore. Other, smarter, more skilled people have done it and will continue to do so. I will say that it will artificially shorten how long I will play the game, because when I feel like fighting people to potential mortal ends I just ending up fighting it the streets instead. It is really is a shame, because Kitana could easily make a run and by top five bottoms list from a few weeks ago.

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