Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So I forgot about Amnesia (ha, ha)

There was a new episode added to Amnesia recently and I had no idea it was there until I saw a thread about it today. Amnesia was excellent, and more excellent for free is most excellent. I just need to make time to play it. From what little I have read you cannot save and there are no checkpoints, so it is all or nothing horror. Knowing that betting killed by formless water monsters nets me a return trip to the beginning is more frightening than I care to admit, but I will still play it.


ArcaniA amuses on a very base level. As soon as I put any thought towards it the thing falls apart, so brain-dead mashing is the way to go (reminds me of Marvel...). There is a very odd disconnect in style between the voice acting and just about everything else. ArcaniA looks and sounds like it wants to be taken seriously. Given a better game engine it might have been possible; as it stands it looks like a very serious slide show. The music does its best to steal from John Willaims and Hans Zimmer, something that just about every fantasy anything does so it is hard to find fault with it. The voice acting, and specifically the voice and attitude of the main character, just don't fit. He is a smart ass, but a modern day smart ass, using words and phrases more at place on youtube than a Tolkein-esque fantasy. Christ, it's like I'm playing Black Knight, the game, an I can't imagine anyone wanting to play a game as Martin Lawrence.

Finally, not like they need this linked anywhere, but this is the best PA strip is quite some time.

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