Friday, April 1, 2011

So this is what it's like in person

Last night was the first time that I had ever played Super Street Fighter 4 with someone who was actually in the same room. You would think that it would be all good, and it almost was, but it did expose a little something about how I play Blanka. But first, yes, hitting one frame links was much easer without having to fight varying latency. I was hitting Guile's crouching lp into mp, something that I previously could only do in practice mode, almost every time I tried. It caught me surprise each time and I never managed to follow it up with a flash kick or sonic boom; I couldn't believe that it worked. On the down side not having lag to fight through makes it much easier to block Blanka's bullshit. Blocking on reaction instead of blocking via clairvoyance is much, much easier. At least anti-airing with his crouching mp was easier to do.

There was some Marvel played as well. Buttons were mashed, wonderful things happened that no one actually intended. I still hate the game, but beer and slightly stale doughnuts made it at least tolerable. This was also the first time I played against Sentinel with the, shall we say, slightly reduced health.

Heh. Suddenly this

is much, much funnier.

Also, watch this:

The taunt seals the deal.

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