Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Violence for one, please

Mortal Kombat is effectively two games, and I will discuss it as such.

Everything you have heard about the story mode is true. It is the easily the best single player section of a fighting game I have every played because it honestly feels like the story came first and the fights second, instead of a cheesy ending being tacked on to the tried and true ladder of baddies (it has that, too, just in a different mode). Mortal Kombat has a deeper, sillier mythos than any other game, and putting that at the forefront was a brilliant move. The series was in desperate need of a reboot, and that is exactly what this is. Raiden sends a message back to himself just before be pulped by a glowing green hammer, only past Raiden doesn't know exactly what to do with the message. Shenanigans ensue. I got to the end of the events of MK1 and was smiling he whole time. It forced me to use characters that I had never touched, thing on my feet against two opponents at the same time, even deal with an x-ray move from Goro that did 50% damage. It was fun, brutal, occasionally completely unfair; it was Mortal Komnat just the way it should me.

In preparation for play against actual people I stopped of in the practice room to see if Kitana still worked the way she did in MKII. She did, and it no time I was pulling of juggle combos that had people walking away from the machine in disgust back in the day. (note: this is probably an exaggeration, they were only doing about 30%, but that was without meter or x-ray, and they looked damn cool.)

Then I tried to play online and lost to torpedo and teleport spam. On a scale that starts with Soul Caliber 4 on the bottom and SSFIIHDR on the top Mortal Kombat is perilously close to the bottom when playing against random people. It has always impressed me that I can open up a ranked match in Super Street Fighter 4 and have a good fight with a good connection in under a minute. Of the the ten matches I play of Mortal Kombat today nine were almost unplayable. Punishes were missed because I didn't hit the button before the attack I was blocking actually hit. Combos were dropped that I know I can hit. I get hit by moves that I was intentionally baiting because I could not block in time when the move actually came. Eventually I got a match that was at least playable and I killed the guy, but even then I ended up choosing boring, easy combos that I could hit while playing under water. All I have right now is Kitana (I will re-learn Mileena later), and after losing to me four or five times in a row he picked Raiden and tried to spam me with torpedoes.

He then quit mid-match. It was good to be back, even if it was just for one game.

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