Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wrong again!

My Wrestlemania predictions are not the only thing I have gotten completely wrong recently.

I was convinced that Super Street Fighter 4 AE was going to be a disc release with more that the four announced (leaked...) characters. Today a video was leaked and subsequently pulled by Capcom confirming that it was going to be a download, though price and date were still absent. There was more there as well, including impressive improvements to the replay channel allowing you to send videos of your manly conquests to anyone on your friends list. I like the ability to virtually stalk specific gamertags, assuming you can figure out who people are. It is an impressive collection of things that are still missing from MvC3 and proves that Capcom is playing favorites. Not that I mind, I just wish they hadn't beaten Blanka with the nerf bat again.

Trinity is swiftly coming to a close if proximity to end can be judged by how many secondary characters have been killed off. The confrontation between Areus and his childhood friend from the arena finally happened and was handled in an odd, businesslike fashion. Dorado arrives on the scene and catches Areus red handed consorting with the renegades he was sent to capture. Areus proceeds to kill Dorado's entire army, including the sniveling second in command who murdered his mother and brother. When only Dorado is left he gets off his horse, pulls out his sword and asks Areus if this is the way it has to be.


And then they fight to the death. No emotional pleas to change sides or stand down, just two guys who stand by what they believe in killing each other. This wonderful machismo would have been better served by a boss fight that didn't totally suck (a lack of enemy lock on kept me from seeing what I was doing most of the time, so I sat across the arena and lobbed spells at him. In other words, I won like a bitch.), but reserving the weepy bits for after the hero's victory was an excellent way to do things. I will be glad when the game is done, but these last few hours have certainly been worth the effort.

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