Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bruce Lee is full of shit

A quote purportedly from Bruce Lee, though it may be apocryphal:


I'd like to call attention to one part in particular: There are no limits.

This is bull shit.

Prepare yourself for brutal truth (with a cynical bend). There are limits on everything a person can do; real, physical, unmovable limits. The human body is nothing more than a wonderfully complicated, squishy machine. There are things that it can do and things that it can't. Add to that the not so subtle differences between different people and I seriously wonder how anyone can delude themselves into thinking that anything is possible. For an extreme example, take Bruce up there. Yes, he worked his ass off to get where he was, but nothing he did would have been possible had be not been a freak of nature. It took a random combination of genetic bits and pieces along with his drive to get where he was, but never forget that he was honestly a freak to begin with. The same is true for all professional athletes. They are not normal and that means that they should be celebrated, but it does not mean that their accomplishments should be cheapened by saying that anyone could do that with enough time and effort.

The same holds true for everything mental as well, as your brain is just a part of the squishy machine. Mystical beliefs aside, the human brain is an electrical, chemical device and nothing more. A freak of mental nature is still just that: a freak. Saying that one can achieve anything is all fine and good for a person with the correct random combination of things to do so (and they can't do anything, either, they can just do more than you), but telling that to someone who physically can't do these things and will never be able to do these things is just cruel. Sisyphus, anyone?

This is not meant to be depressing. I think true happiness lies in acknowledging ones limits and achieving all you can within them. Spending your days trying to do something that you simply cannot do through no fault of your own is the real depressing option. Knowing your limits is not a bad thing.


Yes, I had a shitty night playing Street Fighter. Sometimes I hate that fucking game.


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  4. This may be months late, but way to miss my point, fuckers.

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  6. I made this post more than a year ago and it just got a new comment in July?

    And I never said he wasn't. I said it's easy to proclaim there are no limits when you are already exceptional.

  7. Nice spelling, by the way.



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  9. Jealousy will kill someone. You won't achieve 1/100 of Bruce Lee.