Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can't show it, sorry

I have little to say today, nothing to follow up yesterdays bought of introspection, anyway.

Two Worlds 2 remains enjoyable. My character is slowly morphing into the evil, evil thief that I played in Oblivion (minus the sneaking around, because stealth is handled very poorly in this game). There are quests that require decisions based on your character's moral code, but there is no arbitrary scale to show how evil or benevolent I have been. Being as good or as evil as possible became its own game in Fable and KotOR, lessening the thought that went into the decision itself. These decisions matter less to the game so they actually have more weight to them. So far I have been neutral good boardering on true neutral, helping a person I supposed to kill because she made overtones of a nice reward (which was delivered) and then killing a person I was sent to kill that turned out to be mostly innocent just because I wanted the money.

The second quest's ending was actually very interesting. The leader of a band of rebels sent me to kill someone in his camp that he was sure had been feeding information to the enemy. I found him, interrogated him, and realized that the only thing this guy had done was figure out the leader swung the other way, wink wink nudge nudge say no more. I killed him anyway. Upon reporting the successful hit my employer was actually dismayed that I had done what I was paid to do. If the voice acting wasn't so terrible and the characters faces not hideous to behold it might have been an emotional moment. Instead, and much like the sexy times reward from the first quest, it was a little embarrassing to behold.

Apparently they haven't invented paper bags yet, because she really needed one.


I just gis'd 'Two Worlds 2 Reesa' and didn't come up with a single picture that I can post on the blog without changing it's status from SFW to NSFW. Oh well.

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