Friday, May 27, 2011


For the second time in two days I had to slink back to the menu and lower the difficulty in Dragon Age 2 because of an encounter that I had absolutely no hope of surviving. This time I stumbled into an ancient dragon. If it was just the dragon it would not have been that bad, but after each quarter of life he retreated to a mountain while dozens of little appeared out of thin air to waste my health potions. They would surround my tank, who was doing what a tank is supposed to do, and the big dragon would join back in and hit her with fire for half health. It really felt like the person who designed encounter realized far to late that the dragon was too easy, but instead of fixing him it just added more monsters.

This is the lazy DM equivalent of having an arena in every town instead of coming up with interesting ways for the heroes to fight things.

I do have to admit that the linearity of the plot does not bother as much as some of the angst ridden fan boys out there. It is pretty clear from early on tate Hawke's trip from refugee to hero was not entirely his own doing. There was a fair amount of luck involved, and there are many events that would have turned out the same way with out without his involvement. He is just along for the ride like everyone else, just making a little profit from the events by helping out every poor and not so poor slob that with compensate him for his efforts. If nothing else, I want to play it. The game is not a chore yet, and since I have given up on impressing (wait for it) anyone, playing in on casual should prevent any potential controller hurling.

Speaking on controller hurling, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is fast approaching. At $15 for the download it is unavoidable, and I am not near good enough for the intentional unbalancing to make a difference. I do get the feeling that Capcom has found a secret passage to my wallet that I can not keep them from. Hell, I bought Marvel and kept it for all of three weeks before trading it in. They don't care what I did with the game, they still got my money.


Distracted today. I have a four day trip next week and I do not know if the TV at the hotel will be of the fat or flat variety. Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm are both on tap and I do not want to play them in low definition.

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