Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey, what's Wong?

I was not near an internet connection during the finals at UFGC. This is both good and bad; I didn't know who won, but no one could spoil it for me either. Instead of starting either Bulletstorm or Crysis 2 during the after affects of a food coma I camped out in front of my computer and watched the finals of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter (I would watched Marvel, but I was falling asleep and the outcome was pretty obvious anyway). High end Mortal Kombat is interesting to watch. You almost never see X-rays; meter is reserved exclusively for breakers because every touch from these guys equals a 25% combo or more. It's still quite early in this games life so it was not surprising to see once person be head and shoulders above everyone else. Perfect Legend had a Kung Lao that no one could crack. PR Balrog gave up have way through the grand finals and just played the matches out because he had to. It will not stay this way, but it was nice to see someone without the last name Wong win something.

Speaking Wong, he took both Super Street Fighter 4 and Marvel. I was hoping for more out of a grand final featuring him versus Valle, but it was really just several matches of Valle not being able to figure out what to do against Wong's Adon (not that I would have any idea, either). It wasn't a dominate performance, but Valle never really had a chance. I just don't understand how one guy can be so good at almost any fighting game he touches. When he wants to win, he wins, and when he doesn't win tournament organizers get on his back for not playing as hard as he can. If he becomes a dominant force in Mortal Kombat as well (he only took third at this tournament) people will start building shrines to him. As it is now commentators fall all over themselves at the very mention of his name. I don't hate Wong, on the contrary his ability has always impressed me, I just wish someone new would show up and give him a fight. This is also not meant to be a slight against PR Balrog, Ricky Ortiz or Wolfkrone. Seeing Ortiz absolutely body Juice Box was hilarious, but none of these guys are as consistent across multiple games as Wong.

And no, I do not think that Daigo's taunting about playing Marvel at E3 will amount to anything. I'm calling it now that he wont even make top eight.


Finished Dragon Age 2. Meh. I will talk about it tomorrow when I am sitting in a hotel room cursing the terrible television it contains. 


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