Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I fought the lag and the...

Playing Mortal Kombat with someone who is exceptional at other fighting games is very interesting. I had a series of matches last night against a guy who is very, very good at Street Fighter and Marvel but had not put much (if any) time into Mortal Kombat. It started out a bit lopsided on my side, but only because I knew what my character did and he did not. There were a number of super cheesy victories on my part; he did not know that Kitana's X-Ray always win a projectile or that the ex-fan actually throw two and that I can delay the second. After a while, though, he began to adapt, both to the lag and the game itself. He also figured out that trying to playing smart while underwater is just a good idea. Oh, and he figured out that you could spam most of Ermac's moves and be safe.

In other words, I started to lose.

Once I remembered to do simple things like block and avoid being stuck and mid-screen it evened out, but had the game offered netcode closer to that of Street Fighter he would have been destroying me in short order. It proves that I may not be that good right now, but I was excellent about .5 seconds ago.

Side note: mages are basically shunned in the Dragon Age universe. They are hunted and confined for fear of demon possession to the point where there is an underground railroad for them to get out of town and bounty hunters trade them as currency. Mages also all tend to wield the same weapon: a staff. This would include the two mages that I have in my party at all times. Why is it that the templars are completely focused on finding and removing all apostates yet they miss my party even though we are wandering through the city at all hours casting mother fucking fireballs at random bums?

It just doesn't make any sense, so I try not to think about it.

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