Monday, May 16, 2011

Review block

I am trying to cobble together a review of Outland and failing all over the place. Maybe I am to close to the game having finished it last night, maybe I am out of practice because I haven't written anything of substance in over or year, or maybe the game is simply too awesome to describe. More the first two that the last one, I suppose, but no excuses, I am going to write something about this game if it kills me, delete the whole thing because it will be terrible, then start all over again. Blogging is nice but it can also make one lazy. not a whole lot of thought goes into one of these posts, they are simple stream on consciousness exercises. A good review has a beginning, middle and end, gets the point across and is entertaining to read all at the same time.

There is one paragraph ready that I have been staring at for well over a half hour, and I am not even sure I like that one. I will save that for tomorrow's slacking at work.

Tonight will see Dragon Age 2 get its fair shake. I was luke-warm on the first game, convinced that I played it on the wrong device. For consistency (and because I can't actually afford the game right now) I will play the second on a console as well, more prepared for its limitations. There is a temptation to go against type this time around, perhaps play homosexual cleric instead of my ranger that cruises from town to town, emptying drawers of both woman and the baubles they contained. Then again I am not Catholic and I do not think there are children in the game, so the irony would be lost before it even got going.

Here I am making bad puns when I should be writing the review. Damn I have gotten lazy.

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