Monday, May 2, 2011

Sir Elton certainly is toasty

Saturday night was for Street Fighting, and it was good to both play someone who is only slightly better then I am and get my ass kicked by someone who can beat my best with his worst. After a 11 to 1 rout of Honda vs anyone I could throw at him (with the one win being a lame Guile cheese fest) it was time to play with people we didn't mind losing with. For me, it was license to move away from my precious charge character and trot out my scrubby Ryu. My Ryu is terrible, relying mostly on trying and failing to reproduce things I have seen done on streams. At one point I actually managed to FADC an uppercut, but then did nothing with it. I got frustrated, because that it what I do, when I heard:

'Dude, why are you getting pissed about not being able to pull off shit you never practice?'

which was the total truth. The only time I play Ryu is when I am messing around and just playing for fun, so it should come as no surprise that my techniques are limited to crouching medium kick into fireballs, and even those don't work all the time. There is a zen state to playing these games that I am missing, the ability to divorce yourself from all the stress of trying to virtually beat the shit out of someone and just play the game the best of you ability. Honestly I think this would be easier to attain if there were people there to witness my childish out bursts. I can tune out people; when there is nothing to tune out then I no longer censor my reactions and end up pissing myself off, if that makes any sense.

After Street Fighter it was time to revisit Mortal Kombat. This was a mistake and I knew it: Street Fighter, while not perfect, is almost always playable. Mortal Kombat is at the best of time completely under water (I love that term). I was not surprised to lose the first six matches in a row to some dude who kept rotating characters and spamming abusable moves. After the sixth loss I realized that I had to completely change how I was playing. Kitana, at least in practice, is an effective rush down character with relatively easy mid-screen combos that top out between 20% and 30% and can lead into her X-ray. Online, with a half second or more of input delay, they just don't work. What does work is blocking all the damn time and punishing newbs with sensible, reliable combos. Kitana has a nice four hit combo that is around 18%, which is plenty for online purposes. So that is exactly what I did: I blocked, waiting for this gut to do something that left him open, then hit him back.

He never learned.

This same tactic pulled me from 0-6 back up to 6-6, and only his Noob Saibot spam got him a final win, after which he ran away. It was a sad, sad display on his part, but it made me feel better. I really need to stop being such a pussy and just register for the UFGC at the end of the month, then bribe someone to let me borrow a stick. At this rate I could go 2-0 in two games, thereby making the trip even more worth it.


  1. "Slightly better?"

    Son, I bodied you with honda and only a 3-7 matchup stopped that streak.

    Also... there is no zen state, only training mode. You obviously care about being good about street fighter. IMHO your time is better spent getting better at the game you care about instead of continuing this quest of yours to play every shitty game ever created.

    In other news RDR is incredible. Is there any point to multiplayer?

  2. Ok fine, significantly better.

    I never played RDR multiplayer, but I heard it was not terrible.

    And actually getting better at SF would mean changing characters. :(