Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(Un)avoidable sacrifices

Warning, geek break!

Believe it or not I do have interests beyond video games and over priced kites. Staying truing to my nerdish past, I will watch a Nova about just about anything, but am especially enthralled when they talk about space. Space is big and full of all sorts of things that will kill you, but it is also beautiful and impossible to fully understand. As a child watching Star Trek: TNG I was envious not of Picard's eloquence or Riker's way with the ladies but of Q and his ability to do basically whatever the fuck he wanted. Walk on a star? Sure. Dive into a black hole? Did that twice yesterday. Be everywhere at once? Before breakfast three days a week. Leaving these childhood fantasies behind is never easy, but in adulthood I always enjoyed the though that we had a robotic envoy tooling around Mars doing science stuff.

Yesterday NASA concluded it efforts to try to regain communication with Spirit. It has not called home since last year and is most likely frozen solid. Good job little buddy, and fuck the government for not sacrificing a jet fighter or two to fund more things like you. They have no idea what they are missing.


Much like the first Dragon Age, everything was running along smoothly in DA2 until it decided to through an un-winnable encounter at me. In the first one it was the final boss, this time it was just a room with fiends that respawned for what felt like an eternity. My party, apart from my archer (didn't go against type, after all) consists of a tank and two mages. The tank pulls aggro, I pin wanderers with arrows, one mage does damages and the other heals. This works find when I can control where the monsters come from; it doesn't work when them monster closets that made Doom so much fun decide to intrude. It took me a half an hour of trying and dying to lower the difficulty level, and even then the encounter was not easy. What made it worse was that there was no way to prepare.

Literally, 'Oh look, one of those books I am supposed to collect/destroy.'
*walk into room*
*monsters spawn faster than I can kill them, eventually overwhelming my party in an unpleasant orgy of severed limbs and utter bullshit*

This game is awesome.

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