Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mEh 3

I am surprised at  how little enthusiasm I have been able to muster regarding this years E3. There has been no time to watch the press conferences, so I have been reliant on other to recap it for me (Thanks Chance!). Getting the details in small, pre-chewed bites suits me just fine; it is much easier to ignore what I don't care about. This year that would be most of it.

Microsoft's presentation seems to have been dominated by Kintect nonsense. It is tough to blame them, it sells like hot cakes and all the games are on rails and take minimal effort to produce. The 360 always was supposed to be an all encompassing set top box, and lo and behold: it is. They at least have the common sense to keep putting out the games that got them to where they are, and as little as I care about Halo 4 and a remake of the original, they are staying at least partially true to their roots.

Let's see, what else was interesting. The new Rayman? Awesome, probably one of the coolest looking 2D games I have ever seen. Insomniac's much vaunted debut as a multi-platform developer? Yawn, it's Borderlands crossed with Team Fortress 2. A new Sly Cooper? Cool, but wait, Insomniac isn't doing it, so any anticipation needs to be cautious. The new Wii with a swanky new controller? Look at it this way: the only thing we have seen, graphically, was no better than anything the Unreal or Crysis engines can do, both of which run handily on current generation hardware that still matters. Add to that a controller that sounds (not looks, because no one has seen it yet) like the hideous offspring of the Dreamcast and Jaguar controller. Do you want to put this in your hands?


I don't care if I can walk away from the couch to get something to eat and never stop playing, I have developed arthritis from using the damn thing!

The absolute worst part is that every time Nintendo has a new idea I make fun of it and they turn around and use the thing to print money for a few years. As a company, I love them, they make money hand over fist. As a purveyor of games and gaming accessories I despise them and will be hard pressed to give them any of my money.

Oh, and AE has already been downloaded. I will play it tonight, but I have no doubt that the Blanka nerfs will frustrate me just as much as the little buffs given to Dee Jay will thrill me. 

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