Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some not as bad, some much worse

There is an awful lot of people wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth regarding Yun and how overpowered he is in AE. It has quickly become the fashionable thing to do, much like it was to hate Sagat in Vanilla (and Vanilla Sagat was indeed bull shit). I played against a few of them last night, only one of which was any good, and I can see where this angst is coming from. Every damn move he has feel difficult to punish, and a missed punish leads to silly combos into ultra. He's bad, but I do not think that at the level of most online play he is actually broken. It will take a while for people to figure him out, and there will eventually be better strategies to use against him (note: apparently T Hawk has a good matchup). Frankly, I am more worried about Fei Long. There were two different Fei players last night and both of them took me apart with six and seven hit strings of soul crushing abuse. Every time I got knocked down I had to decide to block or throw, and each time I guessed wrong. I couldn't even  use the Blanka catch all - EX upball - because even on hit I was left with by ball hanging out there just waiting for further abuse.

Speaking of abusing my balls, Blanka balls are no longer something that you can just throw around. It used to be safe to just lay them out there against T Hawk and Zangief once I was sure that they didn't have the reaction time to punish with a jab. Yes, it was lazy, but it also pissed people off. Now the only ball worth using it the light one, and even then it has to be on the end of a combo to make a difference. I refuse to complain, because all it really does it force me to not do stupid shit. I really should learn to end things with electricity, but that is a project for another day. He doesn't feel that different, and that coupled with the fact that no one seems to be playing him put me in the top 100 of all Blanka's after one night's play.

I know it is meaningless, but it is a nice number.

Crysis 2 needs to be finished, but I do not know if I want to play it tonight. Dee Jay got no attention at all yesterday, and I really need to decide if he is going to be by alternate. Or I could just pick up Jun, like everyone else.

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