Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer nights

I have been trying to come up with a theme for summer, an old game that I should have played and haven't yet. There is always The Witcher, which still sits in my Steam queue, purchased and ready to download, but with the announcement of its sequel making its way to consoles (eventually) I have new hope that the original game that was announced and then canceled will make its way out. It's foolish hope, but enough to keep me from trying to play through the game for the third time. Something on my PC does make sense; it is closer to my refrigerator and there is bathroom just down the hall. Should I try Torment again? I actually have the discs for that laying around somewhere. Maybe Baldurs Gate 2, another game that I started and never finished because the damn thing is hundreds of hours long? Wait, I know.

Confession time. I have never played Diablo 2 through to the end. I think I started it once, but my computer at the time just couldn't do it. Let's see how much this costs. To!


I should have known that it wouldn't be on Far be it from Blizzard to let any tiny bit of revenue slip through its fingers. I suppose I will check their site.


$40 for the battle chest! Are you fucking kidding me?!  Diablo 2 came out 11 years ago and they are still soaking people for 19.99 for it and its expansion? That is absolutely ridiculous. I refuse; I wont do it.

Really, I wont.


I'll just go play Duke instead.

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