Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swing and a miss

Well, it certainly was nice of Sony to give away two PS3 games when they finally got their network back up and running. I am not even going to complain about the store being nearly inaccessible as long as they keep my credit card information safe this time. About the only thing that does suck is the slightly ass backwards way you go about claiming your freebies.

Step one: download the 'choose your first free game' pointless item
Step two: hit the circle button to back up after the download is complete
Step three: choose your free game

Doesn't sound too bad, but I still managed to screw it up the first time, thus screwing myself out of Wipeout HD (the other choice was Dead Nation, a game that demands my attention since its creators went on to produce Outland). It is no one's fault but mine. But it still sucks.


The God of War franchise, in spite of consisting of three fine games, has released a terrible plague upon the gaming world. It is a game mechanic as prevalent as it is useless and lazy, providing a back door for developers who have great ideas of what should happen but no way to get the player to actually being involved past pressing buttons when prompted. I am of course speaking of quick time events, something that I had enough of after Dragon's Lair. They are lazy when used in the middle of the level, lazier when applied to a boss, and reprehensible when used for a final enemy. Bulletstorm managed to stop being awesome just in time for me to kill the evil general by hitting the right bumper. No lengthy fire fight forcing me to use all the weapons and abilities I had picked up through the course of the game, just literally

I don't understand. It is like they literally ran out of ideas and decided to script the ending using the least possible amount of effort. This terrible ending left such a terrible taste in my mouth that I couldn't even be bothered to go back and play the echoes levels. I just didn't care anymore, and the blatant sequel pandering after the credits was even worse. 

Perhaps this is Epic sabotaging the game just enough to keep it behind Gears of War 3, whenever that decides to come out.

/tinfoil hat

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