Sunday, June 19, 2011

You expected something else?

For all of the drama surrounding Duke Nukem forever, I was never that interested in the actual game surrounding it. Duke Nukem 3D was before my time, PC gaming wise, and I never went back and got it. Honestly, when I think over the top first person shooting, Serious Sam comes to mind (at least his first two games). Forever eventually coming out did come as a surprise, and it was added to the list because just about everything, but I do not have over ten years worth of anticipation built up. It's just another shooter, and I am playing it as such.

So it should come as no surprise that it really being a terrible game does not offend me as much as you would think. It is an odd mix of very old ideas shoe horned in with modern day changes just because they were in the old Duke game so they should be here. For example, I have been told that all of the old weapons are here, but in the old game Duke could carry all of the weapons at once. Now you have the new standard of the two weapon limit. This leaves you without the wrong weapon most of the time and some weapons, like the handgun, are just never used. I walk around with a rocket launcher and whatever I have ammo for, and it has been that way for several hours.

Years of revisions have not been kind to the graphics, either. Forever has changed engines many times over the years, settling finally on the Unreal 3 engine, but it certainly doesn't look like it. All the effort seems to have gone into breasts and nipples, as environmental textures take forever to pop in but the boobs are just about always ready to pop out. Speaking of misogynism, I am confused that a few people out there on the internet have been complaining about how women are objectified in the game. This is god damn Duke Nukem game, how could any expect anything else? The level in question is filled with naked women who have been impregnated by the aliens, all of whom are wailing in pain and begging to be killed (which makes running out of ammo and having to pistol whip them to death a real possibility). Is it tasteless? Of course, but no more offensive than things I have seen in other games.

Part of what caused the issue was how Duke reacted, or didn't react, to the situation. Once again, this is one dimensional character faced with boobs, it doesn't matter what they are attached to or what is going to happen to them afterwards; boobs

I can't believe I an defending Duke, but come on people, lighten up. The game is terrible, it might as well remain true to its roots.


Watching NorCal regionals in blatant disregard for my cold turkey desertion of Street Fighter. All the actual tournament matches involving Yun have been a bore, but Diago is running his Ryu back against Filipino Champs Dhalsim. It is an excellent match that will never again see in a real match, and the game is poorer for it.

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