Saturday, July 23, 2011

Below minimum wage

I bought Kill Team after spending a scant five minutes time on the demo. It scratched the same dual stick shooter itch as Alien Breed and I have yet to fins the console equivalent Shadowgrounds so it seemed like a safe buy. There was actually a little more depth here than I was expecting, with four distinct classes to choose from and a whole host of perks to unlock. I am sure that everything the game offers is of some significance in the 40K universe, but not being what I would call 'a fan' I just shot orcs with big guns. I suppose I could have chosen one of the melee classes but why change the way I always play these games now; I am much to old for that.

In retrospect I probably should have. The shooting was good, with large detailed areas, a few boss fights, and just enough enemy variety to keep me interested in unleashing more death. Here's the problem: the game was only three hours long. Five levels and I was done. All through my initial (and only) play through I was unlocking weapons and abilities that were of no use to my chain gun wielding space marine. It the game's subtle hint that it is really meant to be played through multiple time. I tried to go back and give the survival levels a run. They forced me to use a different class, and while it was nice tho have to not go into battle with a dull butter knife and rubber band shooter, it was still just more of the same (and the melee itself was rather clumsy). Now I am not going to say that got burned, because I did get exactly what I was looking for, I will go on record that the quantity, even for 800 Microsoft bunks, was lacking.

The sting of money that could have been better spent still fresh in my wallet, I then turned to the Bastion demo. It's really good, but I do not know if I can justify buying another arcade game right now. It would be the third in three weeks and there are other, retail released games that need to be played. Good one even. Tonight will see me dive into L.A. Noire and Dungeon Siege 3 is on the way. So much quality all at once, I have no idea what I am going to do.

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