Thursday, July 28, 2011

But I want to wear the white hat

Detective Cole Phelps is not just a douche bag, he is an aggressive douche bag convinced that everything he does is moral an upstanding while anything anyone else does is against the law. He assumes everyone is guilty, if not for the crime her is currently investigating than for something else, and treats them that way. He is also incredibly hypocritical, overlooking moral the moral atrocities committed by his partners, neglecting to turn them in even when directly questioned by a superior. In other words, he is not a likable character and playing as him in a series of more and more despicable crimes investigations is grating on my nerves. I understand that he is not supposed to be a hero, but at least give him some redeeming features. Better yet, get some Elliot Ness up in here so I can honestly hold the moral high ground when bringing the hammer down on a suspect.

He doesn't even fail well. Phelps' stay on the homicide desk ends with the killing of the black dahlia serial killer. This would ordinarily be a happy ending (at least if I didn't have to resort to looking up the answers to poorly written riddles on line) but get this: he had sent six innocent people to jail on the way to catch the real criminal. Phelps was convinced that he had the right men, only doubting the guilt later on when the bodies kept accumulating. Instead of working to free the innocent he let them sit, catching more innocent men on the way to just shooting the real bad guy. He is a bad cop who thinks he is a good cop; at least my current partner on the Vice Desk knows that he is scum. The guys smile is so smarmy that I feel like I need a shower after every conversation.

I do understand that this moral relativism is important to the story. It does have 'noire' in the title after all. Playing as a cop could have been better. I was looking forward to actually being the good guy in a Rockstar game ( John Marsten doesn't count, and you know it) but it was not to be. This lack of confidence that the general public would enjoying being the white knight in a dark world is a little disturbing.

This could be a good exercise. How many current games have the player controlling a scruple-less hero? Lets see....

Wait to ruin the challenge, Portal 2. Unless Chell really is evil and Glados is the hero...

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