Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can't see the apocalypse for the 'splodes

It pains (really) to say negative things about Ms. 'Splosion man. It is an excellent, one of a kind game whose good points more than out weigh most of its failings. Complaining about the difficulty like I did yesterday is a lot like eating a habanero pepper and the bitching about the coating on your tongue being seared off: it comes with the territory and you should have known what you were getting into. That being said, it does manage to sully itself with an absolutely baffling ending. I have been 'sploding on and off since the game came out, watching the average time per level deteriorate from five minutes to ten minutes to over twenty. Having given up on the ridiculous 3-6 and left the other hidden levels alone I made a bee line for the final boss, expecting something on par with the octopus from the level before (who was very good in both design and execution).

What I got instead was, I shit you not, an homage to Punch Out.

I was appalled. Not by the eye boobs, those were kind of funny, but by the game deserting everything that made it unique for a kitschy reference to a game that, frankly, hasn't aged well. If it was just a round or two of this and then back to an actual boss battle I could let it go, but this is all there is.  Twisted Pixel was so busy being weird that they forgot why people were actually playing the game.

There is a second half to this game, one that requires another human being, that I will mostly likely never play. I have no one to 'splode with in person and I cannot imagine orchestrating things with random internet denizens working very well. Three optional levels are left, and now that I have found a video of how to do 3-6 I will go back and get them.

Portal 2 have been on the marquee for several days now and I have not spoken about it yet. This post is actually from yesterday and never got published, so the plan is to make a few remarks about potato GlaDos later today.

Oh, did I give something away?

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